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Virginal hymen is a mucous membrane of virgins, situated at the entrance to vagina, between inner and outer genitals. There are urethral and rectal compartments distinguished in a hymen.

Every girl has her individual, exclusively inherent specifics of her hymen. A hymen varies in thickness, density, elasticity, height, shape, individual properties of shape, presence of natural grooves and their locations, in hymenial aperture and apertures quantity; differs in surface profile, conditions of free edge, tensility extent. There are about 20 forms of hymen distinguished, but the most often ones are annular and semilunar. There is either one or several apertures of different size and shapes in a hymen, through which blood exudes at menstruation.

Rupture (defloration) of a hymen is the result of the first coitus, usually with small amount of blood egestion, often with pain feeling. A very important reorganization of connecting base of a hymen occurs at different age periods, with following (at ages older than 20-22 years) hardening of a fibrous structure and decrease of elastic fibers quantity, with decrease of plastic properties of a hymen in general. That is why in an early age (from 14 to 20) defloration is normally carried out more easily and with less blood egestion rather than in mature age, there are even cases when coitus takes place without any blood egestion and even without rupture of a hymen. Possibility of coitus without defloration appears at low placed, elastic hymen with perfectly tensile edges and wide aperture.

Depending on tensility of a hymen, ruptures can be deep, with voluminous bleeding, or superficial bleeding, with insignificant bloody egestion. Ruptures are normally healed on 7th-10th day, forming dense whitish wales. A hymen destructs completely after a childbirth, with only a few pieces of a hymen left. However, often at a very tensile hymen, the ruptures do not take place and it remains safe until a childbirth. A hymen pathology includes its inborn absence (aplasia), inborn absence of an aperture (nonperforated hymen), or its secondary imperforation (atresia) of wale or commissural processes.

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